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Why I like you.

Nov. 9th, 2008 | 10:07 pm
music: MTV EMAs

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal.

You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.

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From eclectic62442

Aug. 31st, 2008 | 12:26 am
music: Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have To Love

Open up your music player and find:

How many songs total: 1157
How many hours or days of music: 3.11 days.
Most recently played: Nightwish - Beauty of the Beast
Most played: Murray Gold - This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home (Doctor Who soundtrack)
Most recently added: Nightwish - Higher Than Hope
First song: 120 Days - Get Away
Last song: Yann Tiersen - La Valse Des Monstres (Amélie Soundtrack)

Sort by Time
Shortest song: Beirut - A Call To Arms (0:19)
Longest song: Dream Theater - Octavarium (25:00)

Sort by Album
First album: 120 Days - 120 Days
Last album: Lykke Li - Youth Novels
First song to come up on shuffle: A Perfect Circle - Choke

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
death: 0
life: 2
love: 38
hate: 1
you: 92
sex: 1

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So, yeah.

Jul. 12th, 2008 | 03:12 pm
music: Sigur Rós - Takk

Trying out that blogging thing again: Full Figures.

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Woha, weight!

Jun. 16th, 2008 | 05:56 pm

Yesterday, I moved back to my home town for the summer. Today, I decided it was time to check my weight (because I don't have a weight where I live in Bergen).

Well, holy crap, I somehow managed to gain 5 kilos in three months. Fine, I've been lazy and gorged on unhealthy food, but I've done that before and gained max one kilo.

Strangest of all, I can't really see where I've gained weight. My trousers are slightly tighter, and I can perhaps see that my belly's a bit bigger, but that's not enough to warrant five kilos!

So I'm puzzled, but have decided to cut down on the sugar, eat healthier, and get more exercise; all in an attempt to get back to my ideal 60 kilos.

*sigh* I hate that the metabolism slows down the older you get.

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Not PC?

May. 15th, 2008 | 03:54 pm
mood: irritatedirritated

Yesterday, my boyfriend came across a poster for an anti-abortion rally, to be held here in Bergen on the 16th. He promptly showed it to me, and my gut reaction was to tear it down. I couldn't, however, as it had been put up on the inside of the window of an already-closed shop. I am actually tempted to go to the shop today and discreetly pull it down. When I voiced this desire to my boyfriend, he said something along the line of "we do have freedom of speech in this country, you know". Don't misunderstand, however, it was obvious that he disliked the contents of the poster as well.

These rallies are quite rare in Norway, because we don't have that many fundamental Christians, and I guess if they'd been more common, I wouldn't have reacted so strongly. And it can seem strange that I did react in that way, as I've never had an abortion.

But anyone presuming to have the right to tell me and the rest of the female population what to do with our bodies... This angers me to no end.

And in this case, I don't give a damn about freedom of speech.

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Closing down

May. 4th, 2008 | 06:27 pm

Originally posted at auromheim.net

I just decided to let my hosting and domain registration expire at the end of this month. I have neither time nor will nor money to keep this site up, so from now on I’ll be blogging my rare blogs at livejournal instead.

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Uni, uni, apartment

Apr. 27th, 2008 | 02:30 pm

Originally posted at auromheim.net

Here’s one of my weirder hobbies: I love going over my study plan, adding new subjects and moving others around. At the moment it looks like I might be taking four subjects next semester: two Chemistry ones, one in Physics and one in Maths. The last one is disposable, in case I find it’s a bit too much work (I’m also getting a job next semester). Oh, and the last semester of my bachelors degree might be spent at the Humaniora faculty, taking Gender Studies and French. Just for, eh, fun?

On Friday, my group finished our lab project in Organic Synthesis and Analysis; our last lab of the semester. I have sort of mixed feelings about being done, because that lab proved to be very interesting, but at the same time it was a lot of work (basically writing laboratory logs from I got home till I went to bed on Thursdays, and still not being done). We still have a project report and an exam left in the subject, but despite that, and being behind on every other subject because of said project, I’ve spent most of the weekend sitting in our faboulous pillow-filled sofa, watching Sex and the City.

I love, love, love living in this apartment! The girls are great, the place is great, and best of all: it really feels like a home. I can see myself living here for the rest of my time in Uni.

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Status report and opinions on Deadwood

Apr. 15th, 2008 | 01:05 pm

Originally posted at auromheim.net

I really wish getting up at 7am after a weekend of sleeping in didn’t destroy half my brain. I shall attempt to cure it by a big cup of cinnamon tea.

I’m moving again. This shall be the third apartment I live in this school year, but I think I’m staying put in this new one for a while.

You see, up until recently, I was pretty satisfied with the place I lived in. It was cheap, and close to both school and city centre. But now I’ve grown tired of roommates who can never seem to do their dishes, and neighbours who smoke right outside my window and steal my umbrella. Other reasons (that I’d rather not publish, though they’re not as serious as I just made it sound) have made me even more grateful to the two friends of mine I’m moving in with.

They live in a big apartment with a balcony overlooking Bergen. It’s gorgeous, but also really expensive. The two of them have been paying the rent for three rooms since before Christmas, so I think I’m doing them a bit of a favour moving in there.

I’ve previously balked at the idea of paying 4600 NOK a month in rent, but now I’ve come to the point where I’d rather pay extra to live somewhere nice with people I like spending time with, than somewhere cheap with people I hardly ever speak to. I’ll just get a job, and the money won’t be such an issue.

Moving in there on Sunday. Can’t wait.

Else, this weekend was spent locked up in my room doing laboratory logs. That, and watching Deadwood.

I started watching this series last autumn with my friend Kristine. She then went ahead and watched an entire season and a half without me (boo!), but now I’m catching up, thanks to teh boyfriend. And yay for that: the series is awesome. I can’t quite put my finger on why - but I think a lot of it has to do with the great acting. There’s not one mediocre actor in the series, and especially Ian McShane (Al Swearengen) and Robin Weigert (Calamity Jane) impress in every singe scene they’re in. My favourite character, though, is as always the sidekick: Sol Star, played by John Hawkes.

Misogyny is rampant in a series where more than half the female characters are prostitutes. This does however not annoy me, as it makes the series realistic. Misogyny, as well as other types of prejudice, was the norm back then. I love the series’ realism. And it does have some tough women - my favourite being Trixie.

So now I think I’ll give up organic chemistry for the time being, and finish season two.

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Paradox of the day

Apr. 10th, 2008 | 09:58 pm

Originally posted at auromheim.net

This just made my day. It’s like that geeky t-shirt that says “2+2=5, for extremely large values of 2″. Only this had hearts and pink stationary. :D

I really should take more Math courses.


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No longer tired?

Apr. 6th, 2008 | 02:56 pm

Originally posted at auromheim.net

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, told the nurse behind the counter what I wanted to check, including iron deficiency. Then I get called in to the doctor, and he proceeds to tell me that they don’t DO blood-tests there. You see, since I’m a student, and don’t have an appointed doctor here in Bergen, I went to the emergency room. And apparently they don’t do blood tests unless it’s an emergency. I kind of feel the nurse could’ve told me that before I went in. Anyway, the doctor tells me it’s probably just stress, I leave, and have to pay almost 300 NOK ($60) for something I knew before I went there in the first place: I stress too much.

So, yeah, I still have no idea if there’s anything physically wrong with me. But I won’t be going to the doctor again any time soon, as something I’ve done this past week has helped immensly. I got up at 7am on both Thursday and Friday, and though I felt a bit tired in the morning, it was nothing like the bone-weariness I’ve felt before. I’ve had loads of energy, and been in a generally much better mood. I think it’s due to a) the onset of spring and the longer daylight or b) the fact that I’ve started taking vitamins.

On Friday, I was up early, around town all day, and went to a pirate-themed party at night. I didn’t feel tired for a second. It was fantastic.

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