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No longer tired?

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Apr. 6th, 2008 | 02:56 pm

Originally posted at auromheim.net

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, told the nurse behind the counter what I wanted to check, including iron deficiency. Then I get called in to the doctor, and he proceeds to tell me that they don’t DO blood-tests there. You see, since I’m a student, and don’t have an appointed doctor here in Bergen, I went to the emergency room. And apparently they don’t do blood tests unless it’s an emergency. I kind of feel the nurse could’ve told me that before I went in. Anyway, the doctor tells me it’s probably just stress, I leave, and have to pay almost 300 NOK ($60) for something I knew before I went there in the first place: I stress too much.

So, yeah, I still have no idea if there’s anything physically wrong with me. But I won’t be going to the doctor again any time soon, as something I’ve done this past week has helped immensly. I got up at 7am on both Thursday and Friday, and though I felt a bit tired in the morning, it was nothing like the bone-weariness I’ve felt before. I’ve had loads of energy, and been in a generally much better mood. I think it’s due to a) the onset of spring and the longer daylight or b) the fact that I’ve started taking vitamins.

On Friday, I was up early, around town all day, and went to a pirate-themed party at night. I didn’t feel tired for a second. It was fantastic.

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