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Woha, weight!

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Jun. 16th, 2008 | 05:56 pm

Yesterday, I moved back to my home town for the summer. Today, I decided it was time to check my weight (because I don't have a weight where I live in Bergen).

Well, holy crap, I somehow managed to gain 5 kilos in three months. Fine, I've been lazy and gorged on unhealthy food, but I've done that before and gained max one kilo.

Strangest of all, I can't really see where I've gained weight. My trousers are slightly tighter, and I can perhaps see that my belly's a bit bigger, but that's not enough to warrant five kilos!

So I'm puzzled, but have decided to cut down on the sugar, eat healthier, and get more exercise; all in an attempt to get back to my ideal 60 kilos.

*sigh* I hate that the metabolism slows down the older you get.

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